There is a village called Pixieville, where many pixies, elves, gnomes and magical animals live. Pixieville survives because of the Tree of Life, an ancient tree that grows MagicPops. Each Pixie has a special talent and when they use it for the benefit of others they will receive a MagicPop and become a PopPixie. The Pixies have to watch out for their enemies, the Elves, who always cause trouble around Pixieville.

PopPixie - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Italian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 13 minutes

Premier: 2011-01-10

PopPixie - Iginio Straffi - Netflix

Iginio Straffi (born 30 May 1965) is an Italian animation director, most famous for being the founder and CEO of Rainbow S.r.l., as well as the creator of its most famous product, the Winx Club series.

PopPixie - Career - Netflix

He started simple work in the field of comic book drawing for Italian publishers Comic Art and later Sergio Bonelli Editore, where he mostly worked on the Nick Raider series. His work was also occasionally featured in the Métal Hurlant and Comic Art magazines. At age 27, he moved to France to work on storyboarding production and directed several animated TV series and feature films. After that he moved to Britain to continue his work there. He moved back to Italy in 1995, when he founded the Rainbow animation studio, initially providing services for other studios, but eventually producing its first original product, the Tommy and Oscar animated CD (1996) and later TV series (1999). His most successful creation, Winx Club, debuted in 2004, and became a worldwide success. It is now broadcast in over 150 countries, across Europe, the United States and most of Asia. Aside from its headquarters near Loreto, Marche, Rainbow now has branch offices in Rome and Singapore. Other Rainbow creations include Prezzy (inspired by the Italian Gardaland theme park mascot) and Monster Allergy (also a successful Disney comic book), as well as co-production of Huntik: Secrets & Seekers. Iginio and Rainbow have created “Rainbow Magic Land”, which opened in Spring 2011, including a full-sized “Alfea” school (as seen in Winx Club). In 2012, he directed and produced Gladiators of Rome, which opened in Italy, October 2012. It received instant success, with some mixed reviews, and was later released across Europe and the Americas. Mostly recent, he created a new animated series titled Regal Academy (2016) and his first live-action show, Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends.

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