Peyton Place was America's first truly successful primetime serial. The series was the brainchild of veteran producer Paul Monash. Impressed with the success of Britain's monster hit Coronation Street, Monash wanted to import that UK series; however, ABC executives felt that US audiences would not cotton to the thick British accents and kitchen-sink drama. Monash countered with a slightly revamped version of Peyton Place, which had been a wildly popular novel by Grace Metalious and subsequent Hollywood film starring Lana Turner and Diane Varsi. While the book and series centered on the pious, hypocritical behavior of New England residents, the TV series eschewed most of that lasciviousness and told the story of life in a small New England village. In many ways, the TV program resembled a dramatic version of The Andy Griffith Show, featuring a recurring cast of warm, sympathetic characters.

Peyton Place - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1964-09-15

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Peyton Place: The Next Generation is a 1985 television film directed by Larry Elikann. The film is based on the TV series Peyton Place, which aired from 1964 to 1969, and the plot is set twenty years after the original series. The film contains many of the original cast members, and there were hopes of inspiring a TV series, but such a program was never made.

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Christopher Connelly as Norman Harrington, Rita's husband and Joey's father. James Douglas as Steven Cord, a lawyer at law, who since breaking up with Betty, has become the town drunk. Eventually revealed to be Dana's father. Dorothy Malone as Constance MacKenzie, Elliot's wife who has long been searching for her missing daughter Allison. She now takes care of Kelly, and also offers Megan a home. Patricia Morrow as Rita Harrington, Norman's wife and Joey's mother. Ed Nelson as Michael Rossi, a doctor at the Peyton Hospital, who is keeping a secret that affects Dana. Tim O'Connor as Elliot Carson, Constance's husband who works for the local newspaper. Barbara Parkins as Betty Anderson, Dana's mother who has recently become engaged with Dorian. She carries a secret about Dana's father. Evelyn Scott as Ada Jacks, Rita's mother and the owner of a local tavern. Ruth Warrick as Hannah Cord, the housekeeper of the Peyton mansion and caretaker of Dana. Later her son, Steven is revealed to be the boy's father. Deborah Goodrich as Kelly Carson, Dana's vicious and spoiled girlfriend. She is Constance and Elliot's daughter & Allison's sister. She struggles with the burden of standing in Allison's shadow. Bruce Greenwood as Dana Harrington, Betty's rebellious son with a wealthy background. He has a relationship with Kelly, but falls in love with Megan. His father is revealed to be Steven Cord. Marguerite Hickey as Megan MacKenzie, Allison's 20-year-old daughter who becomes the love interest of Dana. Despite her tough childhood - growing up mostly in orphanages - she is described as sweet and caring. Tony Quinn as Joey Harrington, Norman and Rita's teenage son who is in love with Kelly. John Beck as Dorian Blake, Betty's strict and demandful fiance who does not get along with Dana.

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