Shortly before midnight on the 12th November 2014, Petter Nyquist (37) is safe and has a good family life in Kolsås, he leaves that all behind on goes out into dark November evening. Without money, cell phone and nothing other than the clothes he wears, he puts himself on the subway bound for Oslo. In front of him is 52 days living homeless in the capital.

Type: Scripted

Languages: Norwegian

Status: Running

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2015-12-14

Petter Uteligger - Gullruten - Netflix

Gullruten (“Golden Screen”) is an annual award for the Norwegian TV industry, founded in 1998 by Norske Film- og TV-produsenters forening. The awarding committee has representatives from the major national TV companies, NRK, TV 2, TV3 and TVNorge. In 1998, the show was hosted by Nadia Hasnaoui, and from 1999 to 2012, by Dorthe Skappel. From 2013, the show has been hosted by Henriette Steenstrup and John Brungot. The prize categories have varied over the years. Some of the categories that have been awarded are: Best Entertainment Program, Best Reality, Best Documentary Soap, Best TV Drama, Best Comedy Show, Best Children's or Youth Program, Best Magazine- or Life Style Program, Best Fact- or Actuality Program, Best TV Documentary, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Female Television Presenter and Best Male Television Presenter.

Petter Uteligger - 2016 Awards - Netflix

«Best Entertainment Program»: Skavlan Beste konkurransedrevne Reality: Mesternes Mester «Best Reality»: Dama Til «Best Docu-Soap»: Villmarkas Voktere «Best TV Drama»: Skam «Best Comedy Program»: Neste Sommer «Best Children's or Youth Program»: Labyrint «Best Lifestyle Program»: Med Livet Som Innsats «Best Actuality- or News Program»: Edderkoppen «Best TV Documentary»: Drone «Best Documentary Series»: Petter Uteligger «Best Actress»: Ine Willmann for her role in Det tredje øyet «Best Actor»: Eivind Sander for his role in Det tredje øyet «Best Female Television Presenter»: Line Jansrud - Newton Fødsel «Best Male Television Presenter»: Kristian Ødegård - Huskestue Årets Deltaker: Tone “Gullet” Knudsen - Datoen «Best New Program Series»: Skam «Best Event- or Sportsshow»: Special Olympics Mats and Erling in LA «Honorary Prize»: Anne Grosvold «Best Innovation»: Skam «TV Moment of the Year»: Hundepatruljen - Toffen Taes Ut Av Tjeneste

Petter Uteligger - References - Netflix