Penny Crayon follows the adventures of a mischievous schoolgirl who loves to draw. Using the magic crayons she always carries with her she brings everything she draws to life, usually creating a world of chaos for her and best friend Dennis until the drawings are either rubbed out or washed away.

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Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 10 minutes

Premier: 1989-09-14

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The Family-Ness is a British cartoon series produced in 1983. It was first broadcast on BBC One from 5 October 1984 to 5 April 1985, with repeats airing on CBeebies on BBC Two for a very short time in early 2002. It was created by Peter Maddocks of Maddocks Cartoon Productions. Maddocks later went on to produce Penny Crayon and Jimbo and the Jet Set in a similar style. Family-Ness was about the adventures of a family of Loch Ness Monsters and the MacTout family, particularly siblings Elspeth and Angus. The 'Nessies' could be called from the loch by the two children by means of their “thistle whistles”. The series was followed with a large collection of merchandising including annuals, story books, character models and even a record. The single “You'll Never Find a Nessie in the Zoo” was written by Roger and Gavin Greenaway, but never made it into the Top 40.

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Mr. MacTout Apparently the single parent to Angus and Elspeth (their mother is never seen or mentioned). A stereotypical Scotsman, he has ginger hair with a bushy beard, a Tam o' Shanter on his head, a tartan kilt with the accompanying stockings and he plays the bagpipes. He is the keeper of the loch, but never sees a Loch Ness Monster, and when anyone mentions seeing one, he says it is “stuff and nonsense”. He also happily believes it's “the wind in the trees” whenever he hears a thistle-whistle and even in one episode tells another character that he hears this sound every day. Angus MacTout Seemingly older than his sister, Angus is adventurous, clever and quick and is usually successful in getting his father or one or several of the Nessies out of trouble when he needs to, though he sometimes underestimates the initiative of his sister, who often helps him. Elspeth MacTout A friendly young girl who assists her brother in most of his adventures. Sergeant MacFuzz The person most frequently approached when a Loch Ness Monster is seen. However, he seldom believes it - in the first episode because it was April Fool's Day, on another occasion because a monster was reported to be water skiing (which was in fact the truth) and other occasions simply because he arrives too late to see anything himself. He has a bully-like son, Willie MacFuzz, who also once saw a Loch Ness Monster, but he didn't believe him either. Mrs McToffee The keeper of the local sweet shop who is nevertheless careful not to sell too many sweets to young buyers in case they ruin their teeth. Mayor and Mayoress Possibly the least intelligent of all the characters here, human or non-human. Obsessed with their own importance and their love for one another, they are oblivious to the Nessies, even when one of them is actually in front of them, standing in for a Loch Ness Monster's lookalike competition. A piece of ignorance by the scriptwriters since there are no Mayors in Scotland. Professor Dumkopf A slightly mad scientist and hot air balloon pilot with a German-sounding accent who is set on proving the Loch Ness Monster's existence. He often does see one, but is always thwarted in proving it to anyone else either by the MacTout children or by the Nessies themselves (or both). He has tried every bizarre method imaginable to succeed in his aim from lowering a telescopic camera into the loch to catch the monster on film (but ended up having the telescope twisted by the Nessies so that all he shot was a seagull in the air) to pumping sherbet into the loch to try to bring out a monster in a bubble (but ended up falling into his machine and being carried away in one himself). The name Dumkopf means “stupid head” in German.The name was later used in an episode of Inspector Gadget for an unrelated character who was also, coincidentally, a mad scientist.

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