More than 150 of Britain's railway stations are request stops. You have to put out your arm to get the train to stop at the platform. In this series, Paul Merton travels around the country by train, only getting off at request stops. Paul hops on and off at a variety of different request stops to tell the story of why they are there, and who uses them. Meeting railways experts and enthusiasts, he explores the history of the stations and learns more about life in and around the stops.

Paul Merton's Secret Stations - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-05-01

Paul Merton's Secret Stations - Burnley Barracks railway station - Netflix

Burnley Barracks railway station is in Burnley, England, on the East Lancashire Line 1⁄2-mile (800 m) west of Burnley Central railway station. Following the singling of the track in 1986, Burnley Barracks has one platform in use, with only a basic shelter in place, and no other buildings on the platform. It is unstaffed, and one of four request stops on the line (see below), it does though have passenger information screens and timetable boards available, along with a long line PA system to provide train running information.

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On weekdays, there is an hourly service from Burnley Barracks to Colne (eastbound) Preston (westbound). On Sundays, there is also now an hourly service in each direction. Sunday trains continue beyond Preston to Blackpool South. From 14 May 2012, Barracks became a request stop, in addition to Hapton, Huncoat and Pleasington.

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