On "O'Neill Outside" outdoorsman O'Neill Williams takes viewers on adventures and offers fishing and hunting tips.

O'Neill Outside - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2016-01-16

O'Neill Outside - Evan O'Neill Kane - Netflix

Evan O'Neill Kane (April 6, 1861 – April 1, 1932) was a surgeon working in Pennsylvania, United States during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and a member of a notable Pennsylvanian family. Several other members of his family were also surgeons or physicians, and their family home, Anoatok, is now on the National Registry of Historic places. He is most well known for the remarkable feat of removing his own appendix under local anesthetic in 1921 at the age of 60. He operated on himself again at the age of 70 to repair a hernia. In many ways Kane was idiosyncratic in his practices, which included the tattooing of his patients. Kane was again in the public eye in 1931 when he testified at the sensational trial of his son, Elisha Kent Kane III, a college professor, who was accused and then acquitted of murder in Elizabeth City County, Virginia following the drowning death of his wife near the Back River Light during a trip to the beach with him. Kane was one of the founding members of the Kane Summit Hospital and became chief surgeon there. A large part of Kane's work was in railway surgery. In this field he contributed a number of innovations in procedures and equipment. These included asbestos bandages, mica windows for brain surgery, and multiple site hypodermoclysis.

O'Neill Outside - Alcohol - Netflix

Kane was opposed to the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol had been previously widely used as a treatment in medicine, but Kane believed that this was neither necessary nor desirable. He also spoke out against a suggestion that the sale of spirits should be reintroduced in army bases. Alcohol had ceased to be available to soldiers on base when, in a prelude to prohibition, the army canteens were abolished in 1901. For many years Richard Bartholdt attempted to introduce a Bill reversing this decision and his efforts were supported by a petition of 279 physicians. In a letter to JAMA in 1912, Kane railed against this with “If our soldiers cannot find agreeable amusement without booze to make it attractive it is time that a determined effort to refine their depraved taste be made by the officers, who have plenty of spare time on their hands”.

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