Obsessed with the Dress is the inside look at selecting the ultimate gown that can either make or break a pageant girl's hopes of clinching the crown. Michele Strom, owner of the Winning Crown Boutique and former beauty queen, balances the demands of a high-maintenance clientele and in-store conflict among her highly competitive beauty queen staffers. Michele Strom dresses winners and has dressed countless crown holders, including Miss America 2011. Not only is Michele's shop the ‘go-to' pageant store of Omaha, Nebraska but , she is also a premier pageant coach and make-up artist. Michele's special brand of tough love includes the brutal, honest truth. For Michele, losing is not an option. Michele knows it takes a winning eye to spot a winning dress, and that's why she hires winners in her store.

Obsessed with the Dress - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2013-08-02

Obsessed with the Dress - Swan dress - Netflix

The swan dress is an iconic dress resembling a white swan worn by the Icelandic artist Björk at the 73rd Academy Awards on 25 March 2001. A Debenhams poll published in The Daily Telegraph in 2008 voted it the ninth-most iconic red-carpet dress of all time. Björk's swan dress was reimagined by Valentino at its Spring 2014 Couture fashion show at Paris Fashion Week, which received praise from fashion blogs and social media.

Obsessed with the Dress - In popular media - Netflix

The dress was later emulated by Ellen DeGeneres at the 53rd Primetime Emmy Awards. Kevin James wore a version of it at the 2002 People's Choice Awards. In 2006, at the 78th Academy Awards, host Jon Stewart remarked “Björk couldn't be here tonight...She was trying on her Oscar dress and Dick Cheney shot her.” in a reference to the Dick Cheney hunting incident. In 2007, the gown was proposed to take part in the year's Oscar fashion show, highlighting the signature gowns from the red carpets of the Oscars from previous years. However, according to Oscar producer Laura Ziskin, Björk's team refused to let the dress take part. The dress was parodied in the 2004 comedy film White Chicks and the 2005 comedy film My Big Fat Independent Movie, as well as an episode of The Fairly OddParents, Kim Possible and an episode of Hannah Montana, where the title character is seen wearing it to a gala event. The dress was also parodied on an episode of Sonny with a Chance where a character wears the dress to an awards show. It was also parodied in one sketch from MADtv when the character named Mrs. Swan portrayed by actress Alex Borstein goes on a date using the same dress as Björk. The dress appears also in the videoclip of Nelly Furtado “Bajo otra luz” while Nelly dances wearing a copy of the dress. In the Season 3 episode of comedy cartoon Archer, “Space Race”, Cheryl wears a costume that closely resembles Björk's dress. In the Season 3 episode of Leverage, “The Studio Job”, the character Parker wears a very similar dress while disguised as a Swedish pop star. A paper version of the dress appeared on the seventh season of RuPaul's Drag Race, worn by Katya Zamolodchikova.

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