Nichijou follows the everyday lives of various people in the town of Tokisadame, mainly focusing on the energetic Yūko Aioi, the bright and cheerful Mio Naganohara, the quiet and deadpan Mai Minakami, the anxious robot Nano Shinonome, her eight-year-old creator the Professor, and a talking cat named Sakamoto, along with an ensemble cast of characters.

Also known as "My Ordinary Life".

Nichijou - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2011-05-12

Nichijou - Nichijou - Netflix

Nichijou (日常, Nichijō, lit. Everyday), also known as My Ordinary Life in North America, is a Japanese comedy manga series written and illustrated by Keiichi Arawi. The manga began serialization in the December 2006 issue of Kadokawa Shoten's manga magazine Shōnen Ace, and was also serialized in Comptiq between the March 2007 and July 2008 issues. Kadokawa Shoten later published all chapters of the series in ten tankōbon volumes from July 2007 to December 2015. Set in a suburban Japanese town, Nichijou is populated by an ensemble set of characters, featuring moments from their everyday lives which alternate between the mundane and the strange, without much focus on a narrative. A 26-episode anime adaptation directed by Tatsuya Ishihara and produced by Kyoto Animation was broadcast in Japan between April and September 2011, after an earlier original video animation (OVA) was released in March. A PlayStation Portable game by Vridge and Kadokawa Games was released on July 28, 2011, entitled Nichijou: Uchuujin. The manga and anime series were initially licensed in North America by Bandai Entertainment in July 2011, but both releases have been cancelled due to the company's downsizing. The manga series was later licensed for publication in English by Vertical, with the first volume released in March 2016. Madman Entertainment licensed the anime series in 2011 for Australian and New Zealand distribution, releasing the DVDs in April and May 2013. Funimation released the anime on Blu-ray and DVD in February 2017.

Nichijou - Sales and reception - Netflix

The Nichijou manga series sold 1,005,300 tankōbon volumes in 2011, reaching 49th place in the year's best-selling manga series chart released by Oricon. The Nichijou anime has reportedly had low BD and DVD sales, and did not come close to meeting the break even line according to animation director Shunji Suzuki. The first DVD volume sold 924 copies in its first week of sales, while the second and fourth BD volumes sold over 2,000 copies each in their first week. Anime News Network reviewer Carl Kimlinger gave the series a B, stating that the anime is a “slice-of-life comedy with a penchant for lunacy and a taste for huggable cuteness...”, giving praise especially to Kyoto Animation's lively animation of the series: “a rare chance to see talented animators fully indulging their love of the art.” Fellow ANN reviewer Theron Martin stated in his review of “Nichijou Episode 1” that despite the series' ability to entertain, it is “absolutely not a series for everyone”. Chris Beveridge of the now defunct reviewed the first four episodes, giving each succeeding episode a lower grade (B for episode 1 down to D+ by episode 4). Beveridge stated in his review of episode 4 that “[Nichijou is] so full of fluff and pointlessness that it's hard to get enthused about.”

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