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Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2011-08-10

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The National Cultural Treasures declarations are authorized under the National Heritage Act of 2009 and recognized within the Cultural Properties of the Philippines by the Philippine government. The list includes all declared National Cultural Treasures of the Philippines, including tangible and intangible heritage. Currently, out of the 106 National Cultural Treasures, only 3 are intangible. The declarations are made by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts and other cultural agencies such as the National Museum of the Philippines, National Library of the Philippines, and National Archives of the Philippines. Any Filipino institution or person can nominate a cultural property for a National Cultural Treasure declaration, whether the property is private or public. If the property is private, the ownership of the property is retained by the private owner and shall not be transferred to the government. As of May 2018, 75 national cultural treasures are housed in Luzon, 6 national cultural treasures are housed in Mimaropa, 19 national cultural treasures are housed in the Visayas, and 6 national cultural treasures are housed in Mindanao. The Sulu archipelago currently houses no national cultural treasures. Additionally, various national cultural treasures that are originally from Mimaropa, the Visayas, and Mindanao are housed in the National Museum in Manila (Luzon), such as the Qu’ran of Bayang. The number of National Cultural Treasures inside the National Museum in Manila is varied due to a declaration on artifacts and ecofacts housed by the Museum. The discrepancies in NCT declarations are due to the non-existence of a Department of Culture. In 2016, a bill establishing the Department of Culture was filed in Congress and is expected to pass into law by early 2019.

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