Grown up in an orphanage, Hong Ji Won is trying to escape her poor background by graduating from a prestigious university. Now landed a job as a secretary with a large company and married to it's owner, she learns that her son she gave birth to carries a disease. She is now fully dedicated to do everything for her son.

Raised by wealthy foster parents, Son Yeo Ri is later abandoned by them and her boyfriend. To protect her child, Son Yeo Ri is forced to go to prison.

Nameless Woman - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Running

Runtime: 40 minutes

Premier: 2017-04-24

Nameless Woman - The Nameless One - Netflix

“The Nameless One” is a fictional character from the Black Isle Studios role-playing video game Planescape: Torment, and is the main protagonist of the story. The character was voiced by Michael T. Weiss and created by game designer Chris Avellone. The Nameless One is a heavily scarred immortal, who, when killed, may suffer severe memory loss. Planescape: Torment begins in medias res, with the character awakening from his previous death experience on a mortuary slab in Sigil, without his memories. He sets out on a quest to regain his lost memories and discover why he is immortal. In the process, he slowly learns about the varying personalities of his previous incarnations, and the influence they have had on the planes and the people that surround him. The character has an expansive back story, spanning thousands of years, through a multitude of incarnations, benevolent and evil. The character has received universally positive reviews. placed “The Nameless One” as fourth on a list of “The 50 Greatest Video Game characters”.

Nameless Woman - Origins - Netflix

The Nameless One's origins have been lost through time and as a result his history is shrouded in mystery. The Nameless One was once human. He sought the advice of a man named Morte, who ended up tricking him into committing the most terrible crime imaginable. The nature of the crime itself is unknown, save that the planes are still slowly dying because of it. At the same time, The Nameless One was contracted to a lifetime of servitude in the Blood War. In order to escape his punishment of being damned to an eternity in the Blood Wars, and perhaps to atone for his crime, he sought the help of someone powerful enough to make him immortal, so that he could spend the rest of his life doing nothing but good. Morte, also trying to atone for his actions, directed him to the Gray Waste, where he would find the night hag, Ravel Puzzlewell. The Nameless One traveled to the Gray Waste, to find the “Greatest of the Gray Sisters”. Ravel told him that he must pay for her services, and the Nameless One presented her with the challenge of answering the question: “What can change the nature of a man?”. He manipulated her with the challenge of making him immortal and seduced her to bend her to his will. Ravel agreed and performed the ritual, out of love and succeeded in making the Nameless One immortal, but the ritual was flawed, for every time he died, he forgot his memories and became another person. In order to perform the magic, Ravel split the Nameless One's essence in two, and stripped his mortality from him, which turned into “The Transcendent One”. The Nameless One's immortality came at the terrible price of suffering the torment of not bearing his mortality with him and he will pull tormented souls towards him because of it. In order to test that her spell had worked, Ravel stabbed the Nameless One to death and when he awoke, without his memories, she realised that she had not entirely succeeded in her spell. From this point onward, the Nameless One's many incarnations travelled the planes, trying to gather together information on who he was from the fragmented memory of past existences.

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