Chinese BL series with four different gay love stories based on real life events

Type: Scripted

Languages: Chinese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 15 minutes

Premier: 2015-05-21

Mr.X and I - The X's - Netflix

The X's is an American animated television series created by Carlos Ramos for Nickelodeon. It centers on a family of spies who must conceal their identity from the outside world, but often have trouble in doing so. It had a single season of 20 episodes airing from November 25, 2005 to December 13, 2006.

Mr.X and I - Minor - Netflix

Kimla Meeks (voiced by Ashley Johnson) Tuseday's 1st friend appeared in “A Truman Scorned”, “Theater of War”, & “License to Slumber”. She is a huge fan of science fiction and is also very knowledgeable about sci-fi movies, comics, etc. Kimla also seems to be somewhat naive as she didn't notice Truman's crush on her and that the X's are spies despite her being presented with proof. She appears to have started talking to Tuesday more after their slumber party as they worked together on a school project later in “A Truman Scorned.” A running joke throughout the series involves Kimla's “intergalactic chanting.” Brandon (voiced by Jason Schwartzman, later in David Hornsby) in the episode "The Spy Who Liked Me " when the family discovered that she had a boyfriend and while Trudy was shown to be excited and over emotional Tucker was furious, even thinking that Brandon could be a S. N. A. F. U. agent who was sent to steal the secret of S. U. P. E. R. I. O. R. but Tuesday denied it the idea. He made a full appearance when he arrived at the X's house to pick up Tuesday for their date and after the family embarrass her. As he and Tuesday was about to kiss her bracelet rang and she told him she had to do something and cancelled their date, at the same time Brandon's wristband beeped and he left too. Later at a TV Station as Glowface waited for. Skipper Swenson (voiced by Lindsay Sloane) Tuesday's 2nd friend appeared in “License to Slumber”. Skipper is generally stuck-up and is rude to Tuesday. She doesn't seem to like Tuesday much and only came to her slumber party because Trudy apparently promised to pay her. Skipper seems to be popular and is also shown to have an interest in beauty. Annasthesia Montiho (voiced by Soleil Moon Frye) Tuesday's 3rd friend appeared in “License To Slumber”. She is a goth girl and notices the strange occurrences at Tuesday's slumber party. She also likes to talk about boys. Wally (voiced by Tom Kenny) A friendly neighbor of the X's. He is a devoted father with a wife and child. Wally is generally friendly to the X's when ever he sees them. While he is suspicious of the X's at times, he never catches on that they are spies. Wally first appeared in “Mr. Fix It,” and has made appearances in “Mock Tutors,” “Y's Up,” and “Live and Let Diaper.” Although his name is never mentioned in the series, it is listed as Wally in the credits of episodes that featured him. Mother (voiced by April Winchell). Reaper Kid (voiced by Paul Butcher). Miguel (voiced by Paco Jimenez, later in Flaco Jiminez). Nita (voiced by Andrea Zafra).

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