Impossibly large structures... Teams with a mission to move them! This is the kind of daunting challenge facing teams of building movers from the UK, America and Canada in the hit series Monster Moves.

Monster Moves - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2005-07-25

Monster Moves - Monster chess - Netflix

Monster chess—or Super King chess—is a chess variant in which the White side has only a king and four pawns to fight against all the pieces of the Black side. All the rules of chess apply, except that White makes two successive moves per turn. The white king can move into check on the first move of the turn and move out of check during the second move. The goal for both sides is to checkmate the opponent's king. Monster chess is also played with White starting with all eight pawns, or with only two. Queening a white pawn generally allows White to declare a checkmate within the next few moves. Also, with only the two kings on the board, White can easily force a Monster chess checkmate. Sometimes White's moves can be executed with humour. For example, both hands can be used to move two pawns simultaneously, or a black piece one square away from the white king can simply be removed from the board.

Monster Moves - Checkmating - Netflix

In Monster Chess, White checkmates Black when, no matter where Black moves, White will always be able to take Black's king by making two consecutive moves. For example, suppose White moves his pawn to a square that attacks the black king (where attacks means that if White makes two moves in a row, he will be able to take the black king). Black cannot respond by checking the white king with his queen in an attempt to escape mate. If Black did so, White could then respond by taking Black's king on his next move with his pawn before Black can take White's king with his queen.

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