Mike the Knight is a Canadian/British animated television series created by Alexander Bar and written by Marc Seal. It currently airs on Treehouse TV in Canada, Nick Jr. in the United States, CBeebies & Tiny Pop in the United Kingdom, Discovery Kids in Latin America, ABC 4 Kids in Australia and TV2 in New Zealand. The series is about Mike whose father, the King, is a knight who is away exploring other lands. Looking up to his father, Mike wants to be a knight too. However, he is still a knight-in-training. With his two dragon friends, Sparkie and Squirt; his sister, witch-in-training Evie; and his horse, Galahad, Mike tries to be the bravest knight of all. Throughout his adventures, he learns from the mistakes he makes—eventually realising, in every episode, how to 'be a knight—and do it right!'

Mike the Knight - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 10 minutes

Premier: 2011-10-31

Mike the Knight - Knight Rider (2008 film) - Netflix

Knight Rider is a 2008 television film which was created to serve as a backdoor pilot for the new Knight Rider television series, a revival of the series of the same name which aired during the 1980s. This film does not refer to either the Knight Rider 2000 film or the Team Knight Rider television series.

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This Name is Released Intro Sequence — Knight Rider (Original Theme Remix) Not Available On YouTube and Enerer Release 2013 New Knight Rider Theme Song 2008 Out Now Time 2:10 On YouTube. Chase Scene - “The Rain” by The Bloody Hollies Grief Scene - “Happy” by The Wrens Searching for Mike Tracer - “Cat (On A Hot Tin Groove)” by The Morlocks Las Vegas Scene - “On The Run” by DeeKompressors & Classic Funeral Scene - “Right Here” by Natalie Walker TV Promotion - “Yeah Yeah” by Feeder

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