If the medieval dead could speak, what would they tell us? They would recount extraordinary tales of pagan rituals, plague, and the cruel land in which ordinary folk struggled just to stay alive. Now, centuries after they were buried, the medieval dead are about to rise from their graves. This series reveals true stories of medieval life by examining the skeletal remains that lie buried below the earth's surface. Combining atmospheric dramatic reconstructions of gripping stories with archaeological science, Medieval Dead takes viewers deeper into the medieval world than ever before.

Medieval Dead - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2013-06-16

Medieval Dead - List of medieval musical instruments - Netflix

This is a List of medieval musical instruments as used in European music.

Medieval Dead - List - Netflix

Adufe Bagpipes Bellows Pipe Bladder pipe Bumbulum Citole Crumhorn Cymbals Fiddle - Vielle Flageolet Frame Drum Gittern Glockenspiel Guitarra latina (Latin Guitar) Guitarra morisca (Moorish Guitar - also known as Guitarra Sarracena) Harp Lute Lyre Organistrum a large form of medieval Hurdy Gurdy Oud Portative Organ Psaltery Rebabl Rebec Sackbutt Shawm Sinfonye - an early form of Hurdy Gurdy Tabor Timbrel Viol Zampogna Harp, Vielle, Hurdy-gurdy, Lute, Gittern, Rebec, Psaltery, Dulcimer, Flute, Recorder, Organ, Pipe & Tabor, Bagpipe, Shawm, Trumpet, Percussion.

Medieval Dead - References - Netflix