Shiratori, an 18-year-old boy, moves to the residence belonging to his mother's cousin, in order to take classes in a drawing school.He discovers that the owner of the residence, Kozue, is a girl of the same age as him.The latter has a well-hidden secret: indeed, it has several personalities who awaken in turn!

Mahoraba: Heartful Days - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 2005-01-10

Mahoraba: Heartful Days - Mahoraba - Netflix

Mahoraba (まほらば) is a manga series by Akira Kojima, which was later adapted into an anime. It was serialized in Square Enix's Monthly Gangan WING manga magazine between January 2000 and July 2006, spanning a total of 12 tankōbon volumes. The anime adaptation, entitled Mahoraba 〜Heartful days (まほらば〜Heartful days), was produced by J.C.Staff, premiered across TV Tokyo on January 10, 2005, and ended on June 26, 2005, spanning a total of 26 episodes.

Mahoraba: Heartful Days - Sumeragi (Imperial) Design School - Netflix

  • Note - these character's names are nicknames

Miyabi Shirogane (銀 雅 Shirogane Miyabi):Shiratori's teacher. Students who are disobedient or forget their homework are subjected to “the mysterious closet”, which, apparently, is a frightful ordeal. She has a habit of having her eyes half open and talking very cheerfully until certain moments. At one point she and Tamami meet and get along quite well, much to the others' terror. She typically wears kiminos and “normal” clothes on festivals. Tsubasa Yamabuki (山吹 翼 Yamabuki Tsubasa)/Ero boy/Erofreak * (Hikaru Tokita):He is Shiratori's classmate who is always trying to charm high school girls and young women. He happened to meet Shiratori when he was dressed as a girl due to a prank and fell in love with “her”. Without a name to call this newfound love, he nicknamed her “Reiko”, not realizing that she was really Shiratori. At the end of the manga, he is seen to have become ecchi manga author, giving up his original dream of writing fairy tail books. Risona Aizawa (藍沢 理想奈 Aizawa Risona)/Homo-suki * (Riku Moriyama) She is Shiratori's classmate who wears glasses. Her name is based on the famous bank in Japan “Resona Bank” (Mizuho and Asahi also have names based on a famous Japanese banks). A devoted fan of manga (especially yaoi and yuri manga), Risona aims to become a dojinshi author. She has a fear of white goats eating her manga manuscripts. Mizuho Amane (亜麻根 瑞穂 Amane Mizuho)/Nail bat */Megaphone Girl * (Nozomi Masu) She is Shiratori's classmate who uses her batting skills to punish Tsubasa for his womanizing. She normally uses a spiked baseball bat, but “because of the adults' circumstances”, her bat was taken away and replaced with a plastic megaphone. In the epilogue of the manga, she is shown to have become an editor, despite studying to be an author (this is possibly because of her lack of drawing talent).

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