When Kaito Kuroba‘s father dies under mysterious circumstances, he finds out his father's secret identity; a famous international criminal known as International Criminal 1412: the Phantom Thief, and that he was murdered by a mysterious organization for refusing to aid them in retrieving the "Pandora Gem" – a jewel that grants immortality. He vows to stop the organization from obtaining the gem, and assumes his father's identity. Kaito researches and steals famous priceless gems with interesting histories from incredibly well-defended areas, but always returns them after the next full moon.

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Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: None minutes

Premier: 2014-10-04

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Magic Kaito 1412 (まじっく快斗1412) was created by A-1 Pictures and aired from October 4, 2014 to March 28, 2015. From episodes 1-12, the first opening theme is “Kimi no Matsu Sekai” by Lagoon while the ending theme is “White of Crime” by Revalcy. From episodes 13-24, the second opening theme is “Ai no Scenario” by Chico with HoneyWorks, while the ending theme is “Koi no Jumyō” by Galileo Galilei.

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