In a futuristic universe, humanity waged war against a race of giants known as Zentradi. Facing extinction at hands of their foes, humanity escaped to the stars. In 2059 A.D., the 25th Giant Immigration fleet, also known as the Macross Frontier, undergoes its journey towards the center of the galaxy.\ \ For the most part, life on the Macross Frontier proceeds as normal. But when famous singer Sheryl Nome visits, things go awry. Mysterious biomechanical aliens known as Vajra appear and attack, just as the citizens are busy clamoring over Sheryl.\ \ 17-year-old student mech pilot Alto Saotome joins the fray against the alien threat. While battling against a Varja, Alto rescues a young girl named Ranka Lee. Major Ozma Lee notes Alto's skill during his battle, and recruits him into the Strategic Military Services program. But his recruitment does not go smoothly, as the ghosts of Alto's past come up to haunt him.

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Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 2008-04-03

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This article lists the albums attributed to the series Macross Frontier. The entire scores of the series were composed by Yoko Kanno. Two Japanese pop singers, May'n and Megumi Nakajima under stagenames Sheryl Nome starring May'n and Ranka Lee = Megumi Nakajima, have lent their voices to the songs of two fictional songtresses Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee. Singer and voice actress Maaya Sakamoto also make an appearance as Ranshe Mei, Ranka's mother. Macross Frontier music has received a big success in Japan with all albums and singles making the Oricon weekly charts top 3, in total, Macross Frontier music has sold more than 900,000 copies in Japan.

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“pink monsoon” is May'n's fourth single, released under stage name Sheryl Nome starring May'n. The song “pink monsoon” is described as Sheryl Nome's debut single released at the age of 16 and was used as insert songs for the first movie adaptation of Macross Frontier along with “Tenshi ni Nacchatta”. A preview for “pink monsoon” was featured in Macross Frontier Drama CD◎Nyan Dra Dra4. Track listing All lyrics written by Gabriela Robin; all music composed by Yoko Kanno.

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