When Mrs. Nolan predicts that within a year, Lucy will trudge up the aisle, nothing could be more unlikely as Lucy is anything but marrying type. She enjoys spending evenings in the pub, parties with whoever she wants, her ideal food is a takeaway and cleaning is not high on her list of priorities. But when her other friends' predictions start to come true one by one, she can not help but start thinking ...

One day she meets Gus, and she is faced with the big question: Is he possibly the potential Mr. Lucy Sullivan?

Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1999-11-08

Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married - Frances Tomelty - Netflix

Frances Tomelty (born 6 October 1948) is a Northern Irish actress. Her numerous television credits include Strangers (1978–79), Testament of Youth (1979), Inspector Morse (1988), Cracker (1993), The Amazing Mrs Pritchard (2006), The White Queen (2013) and Unforgotten (2015). Her theatre roles include playing Kate in the original production of Dancing at Lughnasa in Dublin (1990). She was married to the musician Sting from 1976 to 1984.

Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married - Personal life - Netflix

On 1 May 1976, Tomelty married musician Gordon “Sting” Sumner – best known as the lead singer and bassist for the rock band The Police – after knowing him for two years. They met on the set of a rock-musical called Rock Nativity. She played the Virgin Mary; he played in the band. They have two children together, Joseph (born 23 November 1976) and Fuchsia Katherine (“Kate”) (born 17 April 1982). Sumner left Tomelty for his current wife Trudie Styler, and the couple divorced in 1984. The split was controversial; as The Independent reported in 2006, “The problem was, he was already married – to actress Frances Tomelty, who just happened to be Trudie's best friend (Sting and Frances lived next door to Trudie in Bayswater, west London, for several years before the two of them became lovers). The affair was widely condemned – not least because it coincided with the break-up of the Police.”

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