Liu Xin Tong is an optimistic girl who has lived in a poor family household. Her life was pretty ordinary until an accident occurred that forced her and her mother into the house of Ji Bai Jun, a wealthy businessman. She met the spoiled, arrogant Ji Zhi Zhen, gentle and handsome Ji Zhen Yu, and the man she is fated to love, Li Yao Nan. As she continues down the path, she is met with multiple obstacles that she must overcome to ultimately keep her lover and friends, in addition to finding out the real truth about her birth.

Love & Life & Lie - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Chinese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2017-01-04

Love & Life & Lie - Life, Love & Lies - Netflix

Life, Love & Lies is the second studio album by Canadian rock band State of Shock. The album includes their single, “Money Honey”. Life, Love & Lies was produced by Canadian Producer Jeff Dawson. The photography on the album was done by Erich Saide. The second single was announced on the band's official website on October 4, 2007 as “Hearts That Bleed”. In 2008 State of Shock re-released the album in the U.S. This version included both a brand new song titled “When Did Love Leave” and a re-recorded version of “Rollin”, a song from their previous album Guilty By Association. In April 2011, the album was certified gold by the CRIA.

Love & Life & Lie - Singles - Netflix

“Money Honey” (2007) “Hearts That Bleed” (2007) “Best I Ever Had” (2008) “Too Pretty” (2009) “Different Day” (2009)

Love & Life & Lie - References - Netflix