35 documentary teams have been sent out to follow different departments in the Norwegian police through a period of 24 hours.

Type: Documentary

Languages: Norwegian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2015-02-26

Lov og Orden - Democrats in Norway - Netflix

The Democrats in Norway (Norwegian: Demokratene i Norge, DEM), formerly and commonly known as the Democrats, is a national conservative political party in Norway without parliamentary representation. The party was founded in 2002, chiefly by former members of the Progress Party led by Vidar Kleppe. The Democrats has a conservative, national-oriented profile; key issues are opposition to immigration and Islamic influence, opposition to the European Union (including Schengen and the EEA), and tougher law and order measures. In economic issues it has a more centrist profile, calling for raising the minimal state pension, care pay for homemakers, as well as opposition to taxes on cars and toll stations. It considers its values to be based on Christianity and Norwegian heritage. The party has never been represented in the Storting (Norwegian parliament) except for being joined by independent MP Jan Simonsen in 2002, thus effectively being represented until the parliamentary term expired in 2005. The party reported to have 3,500 registered members in 2013. As of the 2011 local elections, the party has eight representatives in five municipal councils, and one representation in a county council (Vest-Agder).

Lov og Orden - Foreign policy - Netflix

The Democrats are opposed to Norwegian membership in the European Union, and wants Norway to withdraw from the European Economic Area and the Schengen Agreement. The party wants to replace membership of the EEA with a free trade agreement. While supporting continued membership of NATO and the United Nations, it contends that the latter must reform. The party supports increased free trade, and wants to dissolve state-controlled foreign aid. The party only supports foreign aid to countries pursuing free-market policies, but maintains support to countries in cases of natural disasters, war and famine. Supportive of Israel, the party proposes to move the Norwegian embassy to what it describes as “the country's capital, Jerusalem.”

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