Akko Kagari is an ordinary girl who joins the renowned witch academy for witch girls, Luna Nova Academy. When she was younger, she went to Magical Festa, a magic show hosted by a witch named Shiny Chariot. Akko was so mesmerized and inspired by Shiny Chariot's performance that she dreamed to someday be a "cool" witch like her. This young and impressionable Akko takes Shiny Chariot's words as her own motto: "Never forget, a believing heart is your magic".

Little Witch Academia - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2017-01-08

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Little Witch Academia is a 2017 anime television series created by Yoh Yoshinari and produced by Trigger, based on the original short films released in 2013 and 2015 respectively. Taking place in Luna Nova Academy, a school for young witches, the series follows a new student named Akko Kagari who is determined to become a great witch like her idol, Shiny Chariot. The series was announced on June 24, 2016, following the final episode of Space Patrol Luluco, and aired in Japan between January 9, 2017 and June 25, 2017. Netflix began streaming the series' first 13 episodes with an English dub on June 30, 2017 globally while the remaining 12 was released as the show's second season on August 15, 2017. For the first thirteen episodes, the opening theme is “Shiny Ray” by YURiKA while the ending theme is “Hoshi o Tadoreba” (星を辿れば, If You Follow the Stars) by Yuiko Ōhara. From episode fourteen onwards, the opening theme is “Mind Conductor” by YURiKA while the ending theme is “Tōmei na Tsubasa” (透明な翼, Invisible Wings) by Ōhara. The series ran for 25 episodes released across nine Blu-ray Disc/DVD volumes.

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