Lily Fever - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 6 minutes

Premier: 2015-12-15

Lily Fever - Maui Fever - Netflix

Maui Fever is an American reality television series on MTV. The series debuted on Wednesday, January 17, 2007 at 10:30PM on MTV. The series reveals the daily lives of several young friends living in the Kaanapali area on the island of Maui. Following the style of MTV's Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, The Hills, and 8th & Ocean, Maui Fever was shot as a “reality drama” (in the format of a scripted television show). Maui Fever cast members never spoke directly to the camera or gave testimonials, a tactic used in MTV's The Real World and in traditional documentaries. However, a voice-over narrative spoken by Cheyne Magnusson, one of the main characters, was used at the beginning of each episode to set up the scene and tie together storylines. The opening credits of Maui Fever featured the song, “Horndog” by Overseer.

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