A Brit named Mark is building a backyard shed in which to assemble a kit car but there's no clue as to what the car might be or what role the various talking heads (including a car magazine editor) are going to play in proceedings. Eventually, we discover Mark is buying an AGM WLR, which looks like a toy version of one of the LMP-class cars that fly around at LeMans. As one of the experts explains, this isn't the ideal choice given that it's one of the heavier kits and Mark is planning to put a motorcycle engine in it.

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: None

Kit Car Crisis - Pangra - Netflix

The Pangra is an American kit car based on the Ford Pinto and produced from 1972-1973. The Pangra is the brainchild of Jack Stratton, then general sales manager at Huntington Ford in Arcadia, California. Production estimates vary but somewhere in the range of 20-50 complete cars were built, although many partial kits were sold as well.

Kit Car Crisis - History - Netflix

The Pangra was based on the Ford Pinto, a car which came about as a result of the 1970s oil crisis and the subsequent move away from big American muscle cars. Jack Stratton, the Pangra's creator, wanted to build a fast, compact car that could compete with cars such as the Porsche 914 and Datsun 240Z. Stratton developed the car with Huntington Ford and the cars were all sold through the dealership. All Pangras were based on the 2-door sedan body style of the Pinto, although there was a one-off Pangra based on the 2-door station wagon. The Pangra appeared on the cover of the January, 1973 issue of Motor Trend.

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