Jiyu "Jubei" Nanohana and her ineffectual father recently moved to the country from Tokyo, so she's a new student at Hontsuru Junior High. She immediately wins the hearts of the proudly "unrefined" Bantaro and the elegant kendo champion, Shiro. Every male she encounters takes one look at her breasts and is instantly smitten. Although she's unaware of it, Jubei is the reincarnation of master swordsman Yagyu Jubei. His loyal retainer Koinusuke has spent the last 300 years looking for the person destined to inherit the "lovely eye patch" that transforms the wearer into an unbeatable warrior. In addition to Yagyu's soul, Jubei has inherited a 300-year-old vendetta: the Ryujoji clan wants to eliminate her so they can

Jubei-chan: The Ninja Girl - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1999-04-06

Jubei-chan: The Ninja Girl - Jubei-chan: The Ninja Girl - Netflix

Jubei-chan: The Ninja Girl (十兵衛ちゃん, Jūbei-chan) is a Japanese anime action comedy television series created by Akitaro Daichi (Fruits Basket, Tsukikage Ran). Jubei-chan follows Jiyu Nanohana, a modern highschool girl and unwilling heir to the Yagyu Jubei school of swordsmanship. The series is recognized for its magical girl stylings, including a mystical artifact, the Lovely Eyepatch, that serves as the source of the heroine's power. Jubei-chan comprises two television series. The Secret of the Lovely Eyepatch premiered April 5, 1999 and revolves around Jiyu Nanohana coping with her newly entrusted powers and responsibilities and the centuries-old feud between the Yagyu and Ryujoji schools. The Counter Attack of Siberia Yagyu premiered January 7, 2004. The second series introduces Freesia Yagyu, daughter of Yagui Jubei and self-proclaimed heir to the Lovely Eyepatch. The Counter Attack of Siberian Yagyu focuses on Jiyu and Freesia's developing friendship and subsequent rivalry. The series was broadcast worldwide through Animax. The Secret of the Lovely Eyepatch was licensed in North America by Bandai Entertainment. The rights to The Counter Attack of Siberian Yagyu were held by Geneon Entertainment. Both series were licensed by Media Blasters in 2012. The series premiered on Toku in the United States in January 2016.

Jubei-chan: The Ninja Girl - The Counter Attack of Siberia Yagyu - Netflix

Like the previous series, the plot of The Counter Attack of Siberian Yagyu (シベリア柳生の逆襲, Siberia Yagyuu no Gyakushuu) begins in Yagyu Jubei's lifetime. The Northern Yagyu were driven out of Japan into Siberia by the Edo Yagyu. After living several years in Siberia, they changed their name to the Siberian Yagyu. The leader of the Edo Yagyu sent Jubei Yagyu to assassinate Kita Ressai, the head of the Siberian clan. Jubei did not wish to carry out the order, but traveled to Siberia anyway. During his time there, he fell in love and had a daughter named Freesia. Some time later he caught up with Kita Ressai, the leader he had been sent to assassinate. Over Jubei's objections, Kita Ressai provoked a duel between the two while on a frozen body of water. In the heat of the battle, Kita Ressai broke through the ice, drowning Jubei Yagyu's wife and daughter along with him. Freesia remained frozen in a glacier for 300 years, until global warming caused enough of the glacier to melt to free her. Freesia then learns of the Lovely Eyepatch that her father left to his successor. Freesia is furious when she learns that the Lovely Eyepatch was not left to her, but rather Jiyu Nanohana. Determined to claim the Lovely Eyepatch as the daughter of Jubei Yagyu, she tracks down Jiyu Nanohana, intent on defeating Jiyu and making her suffer. At the same time, the Siberian Yagyu learn of the appearance of Jubei Yagyu the Second and track down Jiyu Nanohana in an attempt to satisfy their 300-year-old grudge against Jubei Yagyu. What ensues is a three way battle between the Siberian Yagyu, Freesia Yagyu and Yagyu Jubei's successor, Jiyu Nanohana. A major theme of the series is power and how differently people react to it. Jiyu does not want the responsibility and she's afraid to lose herself for power while Freesia does not understand anyone who is not willing to have more power.

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