Intentional Talk is a Major League Baseball talk show with hosts Chris Rose and Kevin Millar, who discuss between themselves and with others associated with baseball what's hot and what's not in and around the national pastime. They also run out of the baseline at times when they welcome guests from the worlds of entertainment and pop culture.

Intentional Talk - Netflix

Type: Talk Show

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2011-07-13

Intentional Talk - Intentional Talk - Netflix

Intentional Talk is an hour long (during the regular season) and a 30-minute-long (during the offseason) talk show shown live Monday-Friday at 5:00 ET on MLB Network and aired at 4:00 PM on ESPN2. Hosts Chris Rose and Kevin Millar talk about the major events in baseball. Viewers are also allowed to tweet to the hosts during the show to voice their opinions and some of the tweets are shown on a marquee at the bottom of the screen, seen in “Ask Kevin” and/or read by Chris. The show is filmed from Studio 42 of the MLB Network facility in Secaucus, New Jersey. Most times, when they are not in the studio, they will film the show from the hosts' homes. When this happens, the show is shown as a split-screen, using Cisco TelePresence, in which Chris is at his house in Los Angeles, California and Kevin hosts from his house in Austin, Texas (also known as “Studio 1-5”). During the 2011 season, MLB Network started showing a special one-hour, recorded Best of Intentional Talk each weekend, showcasing the best segments of the show from the past week to be topped off with the weekly, “This Week in MLB Network” segment. On the Friday, January 25, 2013 show, the hosts allowed viewers to call the shots. Everything on the show that day was fan-based, including “Ask Kevin”, “Five for Friday”, the Got HEEEEM and HELLOOOOO introduction. On Twitter, they asked for YouTube videos for segments, such as “What just Happened?” and “That was Awkward”. The IT Fan Show returned for the July 24, 2013 show. On March 13, 2013, the show announced it was getting a new introduction for the 2013 season, as seen here. This was the show's first introduction change, as the older version was with the show since the start. The new introduction seems to take place in a pinball machine with slots, bumpers and a pinball going around signs, such as “Got HEEEEM” and “Outta Here”, ending off with the ball hitting the word “grand slam”. The intro debuted on Opening Day 2013 (April 1, 2013). The intro and theme song changed starting with the April 4, 2016 episode to a circus-themed intro with Rose and Millar as ringmasters and the theme song changed to “Ladies and Gentlemen” by Saliva. For the ESPN2 airings, some MLB Network logos are replaced by the ESPN logo. Each episode is uploaded to podcast applications the morning after each airing. The show was added to the ESPN2 weekday afternoon lineup from 4-5 PM eastern starting May 1, 2017, and the show continues to air on MLB Network in its current timeslot.

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Call IT Like You See IT - A segment where Chris and Kevin post a picture on Facebook and ask for the best captions. They would be revealed on the bottom of the screen or read out loud. Don't Be That Guyer - A segment in which Kevin looks at players who are not doing what they should be or doing something they shouldn't do. At the end of this segment, Kevin looks at players working hard and this is called “Be that Guyer”. Hazel's Headlines - A segment with former reporter Hazel Mae, who brings up smaller baseball headlines and a quiz for Chris and Kevin. It was usually seen daily in the middle of the show. It was retired after she left the network in 2011. Rizzo Report - A segment with reporter Alanna Rizzo, who brings up smaller baseball headlines and a quiz for Chris and Kevin. Anthony Rizzo's interviews are also headlined as the Rizzo Report. It started in 2012 and was retired after she left the network in 2013. Meet and Tweet - A segment where people tweet a picture with an Intentional Talk sign and they will get their pictures seen toward the middle or end of the show. Remembering One-Five - A segment, where former baseball players or people Millar knows sends him an eGraph. Sneaky Hot - A segment in which Chris and Kevin looks at players who go unnoticed but are really doing well. Three Up, Three Down - A segment in which Chris and Kevin take turns talking about the good and bad things going on in baseball every Monday until 2013. Would You Rather - A segment where Chris asks Kevin if you would rather see one of two options.

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