Inside College Football previews the upcoming weekend's college football match-ups.

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Type: Talk Show

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2011-10-01

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This is a list of several past and present personalities on the ESPNU network.

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Dave Armstrong: (play-by-play, 2005–present) ESPNU College Football Rece Davis: (host, 2005–present) Honor Roll Mike Gleason: (host and play-by-play, 2005––present) SportsCenterU and ESPNU College Football Primetime Clay Matvick: (host, reporter and play-by-play, 2006–present) ESPNU College Football and ESPNU College Basketball Chris Spielman: (host, 2006–present) Summer House Lisa Salters: (reporter, 2008–present) ESPNU Reporter Ian Darke: (play-by-play, 2010–present) ESPNU Play-By-Play Joe Davis: (play-by-play, 2012–present) ESPNU Play-By-Play Jaymee Sire: (reporter, 2013–present) ESPNU Reporter Mark Jones: (host, 2006–present) ESPNU Host Anish Shroff: (host, 2005–present) ESPNU Host SportsCenterU Carter Blackburn: (reporter, 2006–present) ESPNU Reporter Mike Crispino: (reporter, 2005–present) ESPNU Reporter Craig Custance: (reporter, 2012–present) ESPNU Reporter Bob Wischusen: (play-by-play, 2006–present) ESPNU Play-By-Play

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