Insecure focuses on the awkward experiences and racy tribulations of a modern day African-American woman through the eyes of Issa Dee, played by Issa Rae. Jay Ellis will play Lawrence, Issa's depressed and unemployed boyfriend, who has been getting his act together for four years. Yvonne Orji is Molly, Issa's best friend. While very successful in her corporate work life, she is very unsuccessful in her love life.

Insecure - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2016-10-09

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The Incredibles is a 2004 American computer-animated superhero film written and directed by Brad Bird, produced by Pixar Animation Studios, released by Walt Disney Pictures, and starring the voices of Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell, Spencer Fox, Jason Lee, Samuel L. Jackson, Bird, and Elizabeth Peña. The film follows the Parrs, a family of superheroes who are forced to live a quiet suburban life while hiding their powers. Mr. Incredible's desire to help people draws the entire family into a confrontation with a disgruntled ex-fan, who intends to become a superhero to the public by “combating” a killer robot of his design, which he has used to eliminate other superheroes. Bird, who was Pixar's first outside director, developed the film as an extension of the 1960s comic books and spy films from his boyhood and personal family life. He pitched the film to Pixar after the box office disappointment of his first feature, The Iron Giant (1999), and carried over much of its staff to develop The Incredibles. The animation team was tasked with animating an all-human cast, which required creating new technology to animate detailed human anatomy, clothing and realistic skin and hair. Michael Giacchino composed the film's orchestral score. The film premiered on October 27, 2004, at the BFI London Film Festival and had its general release in the United States on November 5, 2004. It performed well at the box office, grossing $633 million worldwide during its original theatrical run. The Incredibles received widespread approval from critics and audiences, winning two Academy Awards and the Annie Award for Best Animated Feature. It was the first entirely animated film to win the prestigious Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation. It is the first installment in The Incredibles film series. A sequel, Incredibles 2, was released on June 15, 2018.

Insecure - Plot - Netflix

Public opinion turns against superheroes—also called “Supers”—due to the collateral damage caused by their crime-fighting. After several lawsuits, the government silently initiates the Superhero Relocation Program, which forces Supers to permanently adhere to their secret identities. Fifteen years later, Bob and Helen Parr—formerly known as Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl—and their children Violet, Dash, and baby Jack-Jack are a suburban upper-middle class family living around the San Francisco Bay Area in the fictional city of Metroville. Bob dislikes the mundanity of suburban life and his white-collar job. Together with his friend Lucius Best, formerly known as Frozone, Bob occasionally relives “the glory days” by moonlighting as a vigilante. After his supervisor prevents him from stopping a mugging, Bob loses his temper and violently injures the supervisor, who then fires him. Returning home, Bob finds a message from a mysterious woman named Mirage who convinces him to become Mr. Incredible again, and gives him a mission to destroy a savage tripod-like robot called the Omnidroid on the remote island of Nomanisan. Bob finds the Omnidroid and destroys it by tricking it into ripping out its own power source. Bob finds the action and higher pay rejuvenating; he improves his relationship with his family and begins rigorous training while awaiting more work from Mirage for the next two months. Discovering a tear in his suit, he visits superhero costume designer Edna Mode. Assuming that Helen knows what Bob is doing, Mode also makes new suits for the other family members. Leaving for Nomanisan once again, Bob discovers Mirage is working for Buddy Pine, a disaffected former fan whom Mr. Incredible had rejected as his sidekick. Having adopted the name Syndrome, he has been perfecting the Omnidroid by hiring different Supers to fight it, adding new features on the occasion that a Super wins; only three Supers were able to defeat the Omnidroid once before being the next models murdered them. Now that it is capable of defeating Bob, Syndrome intends to send the machine to the city of Metroville. There, he will secretly manipulate its controls to defeat it in public, becoming a hero himself. Later, he will sell his inventions so that everyone will become equally “super”, making the term meaningless and effectively creating a society where everyone possesses equal physical power. Meanwhile, Helen visits Edna and learns what Bob has been up to. Edna activates a beacon she built into the suits so Helen can find Bob, inadvertently causing him to be discovered and captured. Helen borrows a private plane to head for Nomanisan, but Violet and Dash have stowed away wearing their own suits, leaving Jack-Jack with a babysitter. Helen's radio transmissions are picked up on Nomanisan's airwaves; Syndrome sends several missiles to shoot down the plane; the plane is destroyed while Helen and the kids escape and use their powers to travel to the island. Helen infiltrates the base, discovering Syndrome's intentions to send the Omnidroid to Metroville in a rocket. Distraught by Syndrome's callousness when her life was threatened, Mirage releases Bob and informs him of his family's survival. At the same time, Helen arrives and races off with Bob to find their children. Dash and Violet are spotted and chased by a number of Syndrome's guards, but fend them off with their powers before reuniting with their parents. However, Syndrome captures them, leaving them imprisoned on Nomanisan while he follows the rocket to Metroville. The Parrs escape and travel to Metroville in a spare rocket. True to its programming, the Omnidroid recognizes Syndrome as an opponent and attacks the remote on his wrist, making him incapable of controlling it, while simultaneously knocking him unconscious. The Parrs and Frozone team up to fight the Omnidroid; the battle is indecisive until Bob comes across the remote, allowing him to control one of the robot's arms and use it to destroy its power source. Returning home, the Parrs find Syndrome, who plans to kidnap and raise Jack-Jack as his own sidekick to exact revenge on the family. As Syndrome is traveling upward to reach his airplane, Jack-Jack's own superpowers start to manifest and he escapes from Syndrome midair. Syndrome manages to board the plane and taunts the family for not preventing his escape, but Bob kills Syndrome by throwing his sports car at the plane; the explosion pushes Syndrome into the way of the jet's turbine; he is sucked in and killed by the blades as the plane explodes; the Parrs survive with Violet's force fields, though the plane destroys the house when the fuselage falls. Three months later, the Parrs witness the arrival of a new villain called the Underminer. They put on their superhero masks, ready to face the new threat together as a family.

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