Class is in session and Ice-T, the Original Gangsta, is gonna school ya. In Ice-T's Rap School, Ice invades the hallowed halls of York Prep, an exclusive private school in Manhattan's tony upper west side. And in just six weeks, he'll try to transform a small class of 8th grade sucka MCs into big-time rappers. Ice delivers some hardcore lessons in rhyming, scratching, and breakdancing. And after a roller-coaster journey of nail-biting auditions and pressure-packed recording sessions, the kids face the ultimate final exam: opening up for Public Enemy at BB Kings in New York. Will Ice win over straight-laced students, skeptical parents, and distrusting faculty? Will he be able to turn these prepsters into true playas?

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2006-10-17

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Ice-T's Rap School is a reality television show on VH1. It is a spin-off of the British reality show Gene Simmons' Rock School, which also aired on VH1. In Rap School, rapper/actor Ice-T teaches eight teens from York Preparatory School in New York City how to become a real hip-hop group called the “York Prep Crew” (“Y.P. Crew” for short). Each week, Ice-T gives them assignments and they compete for an imitation gold chain with a microphone on it. On the season finale, the group performed as an opening act for Public Enemy.

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(nicknames were given by Ice-T himself)

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