MTV's "House of Food" is a drama-infused take on food TV where a group of young aspiring chefs with no formal culinary training are put to the ultimate challenge. "House of Food" is a one hour, weekly docu-series that combines the exciting real-life competitive elements of culinary school, with the dramatic setting of a house reality show. The students have been chosen for their passion for cooking and food culture, and their backgrounds are as varied as their personalities. With three of the country's best chefs as their teachers and the city of Los Angeles as their classroom, this determined group will live and learn together but only one will win an apprenticeship of a lifetime.

House of Food - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: To Be Determined

Runtime: None minutes

Premier: 2014-03-31

House of Food - House Foods - Netflix

House Foods Corporation (ハウス食品株式会社, House Shokuhin Kabushiki-gaisha) is one of Japan's largest food manufacturers and brands. It began in 1913 in Osaka as Urakami Shoten and began selling curry in 1926. It is listed on Section 1 of Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchanges, symbol 2810. It is headquartered in Higashiōsaka, Osaka, Japan. House Foods is well known for its Japanese curry brands, Vermont Curry and Java Curry. It also manufactures Japanese snacks, noodles, and soft drinks such as Ramune.

House of Food - Subsidiary - Netflix

Its subsidiary House Foods America Corporation is the largest provider of tofu products in the United States. House Foods America Corp. has tofu plants in California and New Jersey with a combined capacity of manufacturing 350,000 pieces of tofu per day. Its largest competitor in the U.S. tofu market is Vitasoy, followed by Morinaga Milk Industry. House Foods America Corp. operates Japanese-style curry restaurants called 'Curry House Restaurants' (or simply 'Curry House'), with nine locations in Southern California. Its first opened at Weller Court Shopping Center in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles in 1983.

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