Het beste moet nog komen - Netflix

Type: Talk Show

Languages: Dutch

Status: Ended

Runtime: 65 minutes

Premier: 2014-09-01

Het beste moet nog komen - Simon Berman - Netflix

Simon Berman (April 24, 1861 – October 19, 1934) was the mayor of Kwadijk, Middelie, Warder, Schagen, Bedum, and Alblasserdam in the Netherlands. He was the first mayor of Kwadijk, Middelie, and Warder to actually live in one of those villages. As a popular mayor of Schagen, he handled a double murder case that drew national media attention and advanced a professional school and regional light rail and canals. In Alblasserdam, he addressed the local impacts of World War I. Berman is also known for his association with Christian anarchism. Simon Berman was the son of Gerarda Blom (1835–1881) from Alkmaar and Ds. Alexander Johan Berman (1828–1886), a minister in Watergang who hailed from Zierikzee. Simon was raised in a family in financial need as his father, who suffered from poor health, was unable to advance his career after his first appointment as a preacher in a small parish.

Het beste moet nog komen - Installation and a double murder - Netflix

In 1894 Berman was appointed mayor of Schagen, a city in North Holland. Within months, Schagen and the Netherlands were shocked by the double murder of Jansje Stoel, the 55-year-old widow of Gerrit Bute, and her 17-year-old niece Anna Bei(j)ers. Berman headed a committee that would pay 750 guilders, donated by the residents, for the golden tip. As head of the local police, he conducted interrogations. After initially the wrong person was arrested, 17-year-old Klaas Boes was arrested for perpetrating the murders. His mother committed suicide. Klaas Boes was sentenced to life imprisonment, but this was later changed to 25 years. Berman was praised for the way he handled the case. The affair was so famous in the Netherlands that the name “Klaas Boes” was used for years as a negative and fear evoking stereotype.

Het beste moet nog komen - References - Netflix