Michael "Bug" Deakin's passion for wood and reclaimed materials began in 1970 and his company's motto is "If you can draw it on a bar napkin, we can build it." The company has supplied wood to more than 70 restaurants in the Bay Area. Whether you are building a deck, upgrading or building a restaurant, needing new office furniture or buying a nightstand, you dont' have to cut down a tree to make it happen. Heritage Salvage runs like a well oiled machine – much like the Wizard of Oz, HS is a rerun, repurposing, re-using, reclaiming and re-invigorating with the rekindled brain of a Rusty Scarecrow, the transplanted heart of the Tin Woodsman and the Mustered Courage of the Cowardly Lion – we've got old wood, and it still works good!

Heritage Salvage - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: In Development

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2017-02-19

Heritage Salvage - Darian Dam Archaeological Salvage Program - Netflix

Darian Dam was constructed on the Sirwan River between 2009 and 2015. The Dam is located in the Hawrāmān region of Kurdistan and Kermanshah. The Darian Dam Archeological Salvage Program (DDASP) was planned by Iranian Center for Archaeological Research before flooding the reservoir.

This archaeological program, under the general direction of Fereidoun Biglari, has conducted several seasons of archaeological surveys and excavations within the area of the reservoir that led to discovery of a number of important Paleolithic and more later sites. The Main excavated sites were Dārāi Rockshelter (Middle Paleolithic), Kenācheh Cave (Upper Paleolithic), Ruwār tomb (Iron Age), Sar Cham (Chalcolithic and Iron Age), and Barda Mār (19th century). Except Ruwar sites, all other excavated sites were flooded in 2015-2016. Results of these salvage excavations were presented at the First National Congress on Archaeology of Hawraman: Archaeological Salvage Excavations at the Darian Dam Reservoir in May 2018 in Kurdistan University.

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