A secret is never safe, even when it is buried six feet under. Grave Secrets reveals the skeletons we hide in the closet and the fear of falling under suspicion. To unravel a murder mystery, investigators dig up secrets long-thought buried and come face-to-face with people who will do anything to keep those secrets in the ground.

Grave Secrets - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-11-02

Grave Secrets - Sinauli - Netflix

Sinauli is an archaeological site located in Barot tehsil, Baghpat district, Uttar Pradesh, India, where 125 graves belonging to Indus Valley Civilisation were found. These graves are dated c. 2200–1800 BCE. Sinauli, discovered in 2005, is a fairly recent addition to the list of Indus Valley Civilisation sites in India.

Grave Secrets - Dish-on-Stand - Netflix

The survey found that a dish-on-stand was usually placed below the hip area, but in some cases was placed near the head or feet. It was clearly an important part of burial goods. Its mushroom-shaped form has not been found at any other archaeological sites. It was used as holding stand and in one case, held the head of a goat.

Grave Secrets - References - Netflix