Disney's lovable superstar Goofy is now staring in his own show with his son Maximillian "Max" Goof and his pet cat, Waffles. As a single father living in Spoonerville, USA he will make you laugh with madness. But next door neighbor Pete will do anything to get Goofy out of his neighborhood. But with little help from Pete's wife Peg, Goofy won't have any problem at all. Max on the other hand tries to be much cooler than his dad and with his new pals PJ and Pistol they get themselves into wacky adventures. Of course the show won't be complete without the " How to Do" narrator. The show also has a movie which takes place a few years after the series when Max is a teenager along with new chracters like his sweetheart Roxanne, Stacey and Bobby. Also there is a direct-to-video sequel where Goofy has to go back to school and meeting the lovely librarian Sylvia.

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Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1992-09-07

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The following is an episode list for the Walt Disney Television Animation produced series Goof Troop. The series, which featured the antics and (mis-)adventures of Goofy, his son Max and his neighbor Pete, along with Pete's family (wife Peg, son P.J. and daughter Pistol), ran for a total of 78 episodes and 1 episodes special holiday Christmas. Goof Troop was originally previewed on The Disney Channel in the spring of 1992. An hour-long pilot special “Forever Goof” aired in syndication on September 5. The next week, the series became part of The Disney Afternoon, where 65 episodes (including the pilot, rerun in two parts) were broadcast during September-December 1992. Another set of 13 episodes aired on ABC's Saturday morning lineup in the fall of 1992, concurrent with the weekday syndicated episodes. During the holiday season of 1992, a Christmas special was aired in syndication, separate from The Disney Afternoon. The Disney Afternoon and ABC episodes constituted a single production season, but they are listed separately here. However, there seems to be a difference in content. A lot of the Disney Afternoon episodes focused mainly on the series' subplot about the good-natured Goofy driving Pete crazy without realizing it, or Pete trying to exploit or double-cross Goofy for his own good, which almost always backfires on him. As a contrast, the ABC episodes generally focused less on this conflict and more on the other family members (some episodes even showed Goofy and Pete acting almost like unlikely buddies). The Christmas special, however, showed Pete in full force in his I-hate-Goofy-and-everything-he-stands-for persona. Airdates given here reflect the Disney Afternoon and ABC airings - the Disney Channel preview airdates are not available.

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