Small charities often make a discreet impact, changing lives without recognition for their good works. "Give" seeks to shine a light on these organizations, sending philanthropically-minded celebrities from film, television, music, sports and business to learn about their practices. Each episode a celebrity ambassador visits two charities that employ innovation and a dedication to positive change in their communities and the world, helping to spread the inspirational stories of the quiet heroes behind the scenes and their missions to make a better society.

Give - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2016-10-01

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Earning to give involves deliberately pursuing a high-earning career for the purpose of donating a significant portion of earned income, typically because of a belief in effective altruism. Advocates of earning to give sometimes suggest that maximizing the amount one can donate to charity is an important consideration for individuals when deciding what career to pursue, even if the individual has less intrinsic interest in high-earning careers.

Give - Debate - Netflix

David Brooks criticized the concept in his New York Times opinion column, arguing that, while altruists may start doing “earning to give” to realize their deepest commitments, their values may erode over time, becoming progressively less altruistic. In addition, Brooks objected to the view on which altruists should turn themselves “into a machine for the redistribution of wealth.” Peter Singer responded to these criticisms in his book The Most Good You Can Do by giving examples of people who have been earning to give for years without losing their altruistic motivation. William MacAskill also defended the practice against Brooks' criticisms in The Washington Post, arguing that even Friedrich Engels was earning to give to support the work of anti-capitalist Karl Marx financially. Dana Goldstein has also criticized earning to give, prompting a response from Reihan Salam.

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