Narrated by Colin Friels, Gangs of Oz promises to explore Australia's gang culture, tagged in the press material as the "criminal underworld".

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Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2009-02-11

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A prison gang is an inmate organization that operates within a prison system, that has a corporate entity, exists into perpetuity, and whose membership is restrictive, mutually exclusive, and often requires a lifetime commitment. In "The Social Order of the Underworld: How Prison Gangs Govern the American Penal System,” the author David Skarbek argues the emergence of prison gangs are due to the dramatic increase in the prison population and inmate's demand for safety. Skarbek observes that in a small, homogeneous environment, people can use social norms to interrupt what behavior is acceptable, but a large, heterogeneous setting undermines social norms and acceptable behavior is more difficult to determine. Prison gangs are geographically and racially divided, and about 70% of prison gang members are in California and Texas. Skarbek suggests prison gangs function similar to a community responsibility system. Interactions between strangers are facilitated because you do not have to know an individual's reputation, only a gangs reputation. Some prison gangs are transplanted from the street. In some circumstances, prison gangs “outgrow” the internal world of life inside the penitentiary, and go on to engage in criminal activities on the outside. Gang umbrella organizations like the Folk Nation and People Nation have originated in prisons.

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