Food Tech was a television series on the History Channel, about the making of foods, from the farming to the processing of the food. It was hosted by Bobby Bognar. Each episode focused on the various parts of different types or styles of meals, such as Mexican food, breakfast and hotel buffets.

Food Tech - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2010-01-21

Food Tech - Iodophor - Netflix

An Iodophor is a preparation containing iodine complexed with a solubilizing agent, such as a surfactant or povidone (forming povidone-iodine). The result is a water-soluble material that releases free iodine when in solution. Iodophors are prepared by mixing iodine with the solubilizing agent; heat can be used to speed up the reaction.

Food Tech - Application - Netflix

Iodophors are most effective in an acidic medium (pH 2 to pH 5) but are effective up to pH 7. It is inactivated by proteins if the pH rises above 4 and is inactivated if the temperature rises above 50°C, as the iodine is driven off as a gas. The optimum concentration is >200 mg/l free iodine with a contact time of 2 minutes and 100 mg/l free iodine for cleaned and dried equipment. In a nonfood-contact application the concentration may rise to 500 – 800 mg/l.

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