Former Amsterdam police detective Floris Wolfs has been transferred to the police department of the south-Dutch country town Maastricht. His metropolitan experience nicely complements the local expertise of his new country colleagues, who know the folks. Slowly he fits in, while solving countless crimes together with his female partner Eva van Dongen.

Flikken Maastricht - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: Dutch

Status: Running

Runtime: 50 minutes

Premier: 2007-09-03

Flikken Maastricht - Sallie Harmsen - Netflix

Sallie Harmsen (born May 2, 1989) is a Dutch actress known for her role as Simone in In Real Life.

Flikken Maastricht - Theater - Netflix

Komt u maar (2010) Breaking The News (2012) Midsummer Night's Dream (2012) The Stone Bridal Bed (2013) The Wannsee Conference (2013) Vrijdag (2014, as Christiane) Tasso (2014, as Eleonore) Elektra (2014, as Chrysothemis) Polleke (2015, as Polleke) Three Sisters (2015, as Irina)

Flikken Maastricht - References - Netflix