Ever wondered about the miracle workers who spend almost all their waking hours bringing life into this world? Take a glimpse into the lives of doctors working in the Obstetrics & Gynaecology department of a general hospital in First Touch. Against this frenzied backdrop emerges stories dealing with the common man's high hopes and deep-seated fears. And in this highly charged setting, one of our country's national obsessions is played out—the need for reproduction. This series is as much about the doctors as it is about the patients. We see many problems and issues through their eyes—their struggles as they make life and death decisions everyday and their exuberance and joy when they deliver a difficult birth.

First Touch - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2002-02-10

First Touch - First Touch Soccer - Netflix

First Touch Soccer is an iOS game developed by X2 Games and First Touch Games and released on May 6, 2011. New editions of the game FTS 14, FTS 15, later it developed fts 17 too and now fts 18 is its latest version.

First Touch - Critical reception - Netflix

The game has a rating of 90% on Metacritic, based on 8 critic reviews. AppSmile said “Replay value is outstanding, as there are plenty of modes to keep you busy and a multiplayer mode to find human competition when the AI just doesn't cut it”. AppSpy said “First Touch Soccer pushes the football genre a little further on the App Store and while it may not have exactly the same features as console titles, it makes up for this by being a top competitor on the field itself”. PocketGamerUK wrote “With an air of professionalism, First Touch Soccer delivers a consummate football experience, representing a new high water mark for the genre on iPhone”. AppGamer said “I think this is easily the best football/soccer app you can get at the moment”. Multiplayer.it wrote “First Touch Soccer is the sequel of X2 Football 10/11 with better graphics, better framerate (only on new generation iOS devices) and an overall increased quality; at €0.79/$0.99, it's a must buy for soccer fans”. Tap! wrote “The real joy here is the fluid gameplay. Play is controlled simply with an analogue stick for movement and three buttons for attacking and defensive activities. You can also double tap the right side of the screen to pull off some context-sensitive special moves”. Level7.nu said the game has “A very ambitious soccer game with lots of content and great gameplay”.

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