An electrifying ride, FBI Takedowns follows the pursuit and capture of deadly criminals who have committed some of the most violent attacks on this generation.

FBI Takedowns - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2015-03-18

FBI Takedowns - Tor Mail - Netflix

Tor Mail is a former Tor hidden service that went offline in August 2013 after an FBI raid on Freedom Hosting. The service allowed users to send and receive email anonymously, to email addresses inside and outside the Tor network.

FBI Takedowns - 2013 Javascript attack - Netflix

A message appeared on the Tor Mail main page in early August 2013, saying “Down for Maintenance Sorry, This server is currently offline for maintenance. Please try again in a few hours.” Since August 2013, the service has been unavailable. The disappearance of Tor Mail has been linked to the arrest on child pornography charges of the alleged operator of Freedom Hosting, which hosted a large number of .onion sites. In September 2013, the FBI admitted in a court filing in Dublin that it had taken down Freedom Hosting. The following month, details emerged of a zero-day JavaScript attack, which was injected into the Tor Browser Bundle based on Firefox ESR 17 if JavaScript was enabled as it was by default. JavaScript was turned off by default in updated versions of Tor Browser Bundle. However, this was used during the takedown, which was exploited to send users' IP addresses and Windows computer names to a server in Virginia. In January 2014 it was confirmed that FBI has access to Tor Mail servers. In January 2016, it was stated that innocent TorMail users may have also been hacked by the FBI.

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