The drama is centered around the four daughters of Na Family. The story of their oldest daughter, Duk Chil, revolves around the divorce she has from her unloving husband, Soo Han after she is caught having an affair with her Soo Han's best friend. She then re-marries her male business partner, Wang Sun Taek, but most deal with the problems that re-married couples often face. The upbeat and confident second daughter, Sul Chil who is the pride and joy of the family and plays the role of the son her father never had is a captain in the Korean army. She is in love with her friend Il Han, while one of her fellow army soldiers, Ha Nam, is in love with her. Sul Chil's fraternal twin, Mi Chil, is an attractive woman but is also the family's troublemaker. She is jealous and resentful towards Sul Chil because she is Mr. Na's favorite daughter. As an act of revenge, Mi Chil steals Il Han from Sul Chil but then soon faces more problems in her relationship with Il Han. Finally, the youngest daughter, Teng Chil, becomes pregnant and marries her boyfriend, Tae Ha at a young age. However she then faces numerous conflicts with Tae Ja who has trouble staying faithful to her

Famous Princesses - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 65 minutes

Premier: 2006-04-01

Famous Princesses - My Fair Princess - Netflix

My Fair Princess, also known as Return of the Pearl Princess or Princess Returning Pearl (Chinese: 還珠格格), is a 1998–1999 television costume drama jointly produced by Yi Ren Communications Co. (怡人傳播公司) in Taiwan and Hunan Broadcasting System in Mainland China. Season 1 (1998) was filmed in 1997, and Season 2 (1999) in 1998–1999. Both seasons were filmed in Beijing, Chengde and the Bashang Plateau on the mainland, and first shown on China Television in Taiwan. Written by creator Chiung Yao, the Cinderella-like story is set in 18th-century Qing dynasty during the Qianlong Emperor's reign. It follows tomboyish and innocent Xiaoyanzi, originally an orphaned and semiliterate vagrant in Beijing who, after befriending the emperor's illegitimate daughter Xia Ziwei, becomes a princess by accident. Although some characters, the plot premise, and certain sections of the story are based on historical events and figures, considerable artistic license was employed. A massive international hit in East Asia and Southeast Asia, the drama is considered the most commercially successful Chinese-language series in history. Hunan Broadcasting System, after achieving ratings as high as 65% of audience shares, permanently became China's second largest network. Meanwhile, little-known cast members were made household names and huge teen idols over night, like the actress trio of Zhao Wei, Ruby Lin and Fan Bingbing, who are still among the biggest stars in Chinese entertainment more than 15 years later.

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Other reshuffling was also in order. After considering 15-year-old Fan Bingbing (eventually cast as Jinsuo), the company settled on 21-year-old Ruby Lin, originally cast as Princess Saiya, to portray Ziwei. (Zhao's classmate in Beijing Film Academy, Zhang Heng, became Saiya.) Lin had just signed with Chiung Yao's company and was better known—though by no means famous—in her native Taiwan. However, after a few days of filming, sponsors did not find her beautiful and wanted her replaced. Her return flight to Taiwan was bought and her replacement had arrived on the set. (The actress set to replace her, Zheng Zefan or Zheng Jiaxin, was also Zhao's classmate. She was eventually cast as the minor character Du Ruolan.) With the Taiwanese director Sun Shu-pei predicting “Ruby Lin will be very popular one day” and insisting on keeping her, Lin was at the end allowed to stay, but those difficult days drew her closer to Zhao, who took her around in Beijing in an effort to cheer her up. Former boy band members Alec Su (Yongqi) and Julian Chen (Fu Ertai) of the disbanded Xiao Hu Dui—neither with much acting experience—and Zhang Tielin (Qianlong Emperor) were the only notable cast members. Due to budget limitations, many cast members were film school students, like Zhao and her classmates. Even the older actors had limited television experiences; for example Zhou Jie (Fu Erkang) was a stage actor under the National Theatre Company of China, while Dai Chunrong (the empress) was a qinqiang actress.

In the mid-1990s, Taiwanese agent Lee Ching-ping was in Beijing scouting for prospective local actors when a referrer sent her a tape of the obscure 1995 Chinese drama Adventures of Sisters in Beijing (姐姐妹妹闯北京). The recommended actress left little impression, but a supporting actress “with big eyes” caught Lee's attention. Eventually Lee located that actress, Zhao Wei (Vicki Zhao), who in 1997 was a 21-year-old freshman in the Performing Institute of Beijing Film Academy. Chiung Yao was also impressed by Zhao's acting and decided to cast her in the major role of Xia Ziwei, after reaching an agreement with her school. Taiwanese actress Lee Ting-yi was originally chosen to portray the titular character Xiaoyanzi. However, about a week before filming was to begin, the producers learned that she could not participate due to schedule conflicts with a film of hers. Since there was little time left, the company wanted to know whether Zhao, already provided with the script and asked to memorize Ziwei's lines, would be willing to portray Xiaoyanzi instead. As Lee Ching-ping remembered in 2007:

I quite nervously called her and tried to soften my words, I was thinking, how do I make her receptive and not hurt her (feelings)?... Once (I) finished, she screamed. I thought she was upset, so I asked her, “what's wrong?” She said, “(I'm) ecstatic!” As soon as she started reading the script, she fell in love with that character (Xiaoyanzi). But she had been afraid to mention it, probably embarrassed as well, (as) she was still a student.

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