The future, probably Japan. Robots have long been put into practical use, and androids have just come into use. Influenced by the Robot Ethics Committee, it's become common sense for people to treat androids like household appliances. Their appearance - indistinguishable from humans except for the ring over each android's head - has led some people to empathize unnecessarily with androids. Known as "android-holics", such people have become a social problem. Rikuo, a high school student, has been taught from childhood that androids are not to be viewed as humans, and has always used them as convenient tools. One day Rikuo discovers some strange data in the behavior records of his family's household android, Sammy. Rikuo and his friend Masaki trace Sammy's movements, only to discover a mysterious café that features a house rule that "humans and robots are to be treated the same".

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Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 15 minutes

Premier: 2008-08-01

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The following is a list of volumes and chapters of the completed Japanese manga series Kodomo no Jikan, written and illustrated by Kaworu Watashiya and published in Japan by Futabasha in the monthly seinen manga magazine Comic High!. Since serialization began on May 22, 2005, 71 chapters have been collected in ten tankōbon to date. At one point, an English language version of the manga was licensed for distribution in North America by Seven Seas Entertainment under the title Nymphet, but the Los Angeles–based company ultimately decided not to publish it due to controversies over its content. An anime adaptation of the series — roughly covering the first twenty chapters of the manga, albeit with plot points and scenes lifted from later installments and featuring an original ending — aired on Japanese television between October 12, 2007 and December 28, 2007 containing twelve episodes. The main story revolves around newly graduated, twenty-three-year-old teacher Daisuke Aoki, who has just landed his first teaching job as an elementary school instructor at Futatsubashi Elementary School (双ツ橋小学校, Futatsubashi Shōgakkō). He is placed in charge of class 3-1, where one of his students, a mischievously precocious eight-year-old girl named Rin Kokonoe, develops an intense crush on him. Though he does his best to discourage her efforts, she nevertheless continues with her aggressive campaign to win his affections in spite of the problems that ensue that are her attempt to get closer to him. The situation is further complicated not only by the often complex, intertwining relationships existing between them and their respective friends, families, and peers, but also by the everyday life lessons they all learn together, as well as from each other.

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Kodomo no Jikan takes place in the mid-2000s, based on in-series evidence. A class photo of Rin, Kuro, and Mimi's grade one, class one orientation session seen in chapter six of the manga indicates that it was taken in the year Heisei 15, which corresponds to the year 2003 in the Gregorian calendar. Since the picture was two years old at the time, this corresponds to a then-current year of 2005, a figure which reflects the original publication date of the story in question. A variant of that same photograph is briefly glimpsed in one of Rin's flashbacks in chapter thirty-one, with the aforementioned date intact. However, while the events in the story take place some sixteen months after chapter six in official continuity, the story itself only published nearly two years later in late 2007, leaving an eight-month delay between the passage of time in the series' fictional universe and the real world. That the originally given date was maintained and retconning was not used to correct the discrepancy indicates that Kodomo no Jikan has a fixed timeline rather than a floating one.

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