In Elves, Emily meets four magical elves and together they journey through Elvendale to find a way home.

Elves - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2016-03-06

Elves - Tipsy Elves - Netflix

Tipsy Elves is a holiday-themed apparel company. It sells holiday sweaters and other holiday-themed items through its website and other online vendors, and donates part of each sale to charity. In December 2013 the company owners appeared on the US television show Shark Tank, and received $100,000 in funding to help the company move into the retail market.

Elves - Television - Netflix

The Tipsy Elves owners appeared on the December 13, 2013 episode of Shark Tank, in which it received $100,000 in funding from investor Robert Herjavec. After showing they had made over $1 million in their first two years, the company stated it intended to move into the retail market. According to, “O'Leary made an offer, $100,000 for a royalty of $2 per sweater until the money was paid back and then $1 in perpetuity - but no equity. Herjavec offered $100,000 for 10%. John thought about making an offer, but couldn't pull the trigger. They accepted Herjavec's offer.” Herjavec has stated that Tipsy Elves has been the best performing investment he has made since joining the cast of Shark Tank. Tipsy Elves was also on the premiere episode of Beyond the Tank, in which the development of the company since Herjavec's investment was discussed. The investment was the most successful that Herjavec has made on the show.

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