The tactical reality taking place in Costa Rica was not the viewers' votes, but the daily happenings taking place between the characters, conflicts shape the outcome: the hotel tempt players, taktikáznak, conspire, thus affecting who can stay and who should go. During the game, anything can happen, old players leave, new ones arrive, thoroughly disrupting the established balance of power and emotion. It is not only the goal is to find someone to pair, is much more important to know who how to take a structured strategy and emotionally influence the others to do their own victory. It offers 10 players will move on, but already in the first week there are unexpected twists that stir up the newly formed pairs spiritual world.

Éden Hotel - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: Hungarian

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2011-03-07

Éden Hotel - Eden Hotel - Netflix

The Eden Hotel also known as El Eden and The Eden is a former hotel and historic site located in La Falda, Argentina.

Éden Hotel - Notable guests - Netflix

Notable guests that frequented the hotel include families of the Argentine aristocracy such as the Martinez de Hoz, Tornquist, Bianchi, Roca, Bunge, Anchorena, Blaquier, and Peralta Ramos. Other famous guests include: Nicaraguan poet Rubén Darío scientist Albert Einstein Berta Singerman Hugo del Carril Arturo Toscanini Italian conductor A common theory, researched by the History Channel in its series Hunting Hitler, is that Adolf Hitler fled to La Falda and stayed at the Eden Hotel till he died of old age.

Éden Hotel - References - Netflix