Across America, there are thousands of older homes that look like the perfect dream house on the outside, but are practically unlivable on the inside. These beautiful vintage homes hide dark secrets from dry rot, to weak foundations, to cramped design or even termite infestations. In Downtown Shabby, renovation and design experts Frank and Sherry Fontana, will take these homes and renovate, remodel and ultimately revive them into modern masterpieces.

Downtown Shabby - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-10-15

Downtown Shabby - Brant Pinvidic - Netflix

Brant Pinvidic is an award-winning Canadian-American documentary film director and television producer, best known for Why I'm Not on Facebook, Why I'm Not on Pokemon GO, Bar Rescue and Extreme Weight Loss. He is the CEO of INvelop Entertainment, host of the podcast Why I'm Not... With Brant Pinvidic, based on the film series of the same name, and a contributing writer for Forbes.

Downtown Shabby - Directing and producing - Netflix

Pinvidic began his career producing television series and made-for-television movies, beginning in 2005. He first served as Senior Vice President of Development at GRB Entertainment, followed by Senior Vice President of Programming and Development for TLC, and then served as President and Chief Creative Officer of Eyeworks (formerly 3 Ball Entertainment) for six years. Pinvidic is the CEO of INvelop Entertainment, a multimedia production company specializing in unscripted and non-fiction programming, which he founded in January 2016. The company entered into a multi-year production deal with STX Entertainment in 2016. His debut feature film Why I'm Not on Facebook premiered at Woodstock Film Festival in 2014. Pinvidic wrote, produced, and directed the film, which explored the cultural phenomenon of Facebook. It features interviews with both everyday users and public figures, including Dr. Drew Pinsky, Roseanne Barr, Cameron Winklevoss, and Tyler Winklevoss. The film won an award at the Manhattan Film Festival in 2015 and screened at the San Francisco Documentary Film Festival. In 2016, FilmRise acquired home media rights from Gravitas Ventures for the film. In 2016, Pinvidic produced, directed, and starred in the short film Why I'm Not On Pokémon Go, which received over 1 million views on YouTube. In the film, Pinvidic explores the popular game Pokémon Go by interviewing over 100 people, including family members, die-hard Pokémon trainers, and public figures. He made the film with the intent of creating a stronger connection with his daughter. The film was featured as a parenting tool in LA Parent Magazine and won multiple awards, including Best Documentary Short at the Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival, Best Documentary Short Film at the Move Me Productions Film Festival, the Silver Award at the Spotlight Short Film Awards, and an Award of Recognition at Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival. It also screened at the Silicon Valley International Film Festival, the Creation International Film Festival, and the Miami International Film Festival. In April 2017, Pinvidic expanded the Why I'm Not... concept into an audio and video podcast, Why I'm Not... With Brant Pinvidic, in collaboration with producer Maria Menunous. The podcast explores topics, fads, trends, and addictions from an outsider's perspective in which Pinvidic interviews guest experts on each topic. Guests have included Ben Shapiro, Jason Ellis, Spencer Pratt, Heidi Pratt, Mick Foley, Freddie Wong, Matthew Santoro, Todd Marinovich, Eric Benét, and Hope Solo. The podcast is produced at Afterbuzz TV Studios and distributed by IHeartRadio, iTunes, and PodcastOne.

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