In England a recently bereaved widow and her two children discover that they've inherited a property in Australia. With some reluctance they head to Australia to claim their inheritance only to discover that the profitable sheep station they've imagined is in fact a rather out of the way wildlife park full of Australian native animals. What's more it has human occupants as well — a distantly related trio of grandchildren who have been bequeathed lifelong rights to live on the property. As well, there's an Australian born Vietnamese animal handler who's somehow the only one who has real expertise in dealing with native Australian animals.

Don't Blame the Koalas - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 2002-10-06

Don't Blame the Koalas - Brittany Byrnes - Netflix

Brittany Byrnes (born 31 July 1987) is an Australian actress. Her most notable acting role has been Natasha Green in the 2005 TV film Little Oberon.

Don't Blame the Koalas - Acting career - Netflix

Byrnes' first theatrical role was in Babe, where she played the Hoggetts' spoiled granddaughter. She has since appeared in films such as Little Oberon, Mermaids and Swimming Upstream. Byrnes has also been in a number of television shows, including BeastMaster, All Saints and the second series of the Australian show H2O: Just Add Water as the new girl, Charlotte Watsford. In 2005, Brittany was nominated for an AFI Award (The Young Actor's Award) for her performance in Little Oberon. In 2008, she was nominated again for an AFI Award (Best Supporting Actress in a television drama) for her performance in H2O: Just Add Water.

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