Digimon Fusion is the all-new animated series and sixth installment of the Digimon franchise. The action packed series follows Mikey, a human boy, who is transported into the digital world and must team up with his new "Digimon" or "Digital Monster" friends to defeat evil once and for all. New fusion powers allow Digimon to combine and fuse, creating endless battle possibilities.

Digimon Fusion - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2013-09-07

Digimon Fusion - List of Digimon Fusion characters - Netflix

Below is a list of characters that appear in the Digimon Fusion anime (Digimon Xros Wars in the Japanese version).

Digimon Fusion - IceDevimon - Netflix

Voiced by: Yasuhiro Takato (Japanese); Patrick Seitz (English) IceDevimon (アイスデビモン, AisuDebimon, 10-11) is a Fallen Angel Digimon, who is one of Laylamon's Zone Battalion Commanders out of fear and assists her in attacking the Lake Zone with an army of Icemon, Pteramon, and ice bazooka-wielding Troopmon. In his first fight with the Fusion Fighters, IceDevimon absorbed the Icemon to increase his powers as IceDevimon Enhanced Absorbed Form, but was forced to retreat. When Laylamon brings in Daipenmon, IceDevimon is forced to thaw out the giant Daipenmon to serve as his replacement before being frozen in one of Daipenmon's popsicles. IceDevimon is later used by a furious Laylamon as material in the formation of IceDevimon-Daipenmon Enhancement prior to the monster's destruction by Shoutmon X4K. IceDevimon is later revived during the final battle against DarknessBagramon, becoming part of Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode. In the English dub, IceDevimon speaks in the style of Christopher Walken.

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