Six horse girls aged 16-26 are competing in teaching their fathers to ride horses. The girls have ridden horses almost their whole lives, while their fathers have barely sat on one before.

Type: Reality

Languages: Norwegian

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-08-26

Det store spranget - Frode Grytten - Netflix

Frode Grytten (born 11 December 1960 in Bergen, but grew up in Odda is a Norwegian writer and journalist. He is the author of the Brage Prize-winning novel Bikubesong ('Song of the Beehive'), and other collections of short stories and poetry. His works have been translated into Swedish, Danish, Finnish, German, Dutch, French, English, Albanian, Croatian and Chinese. Grytten is a native of the industrial town Odda, which often features in his work. As a journalist he has mainly worked for Bergens Tidende, the local newspaper of Bergen, Norway. He is also writing for the Oslo-based national newspaper Dagbladet.

Det store spranget - Awards - Netflix

Brage Prize 1999, for Bikubesong Sigmund Skard-stipendet 2000 Norsk språkpris 2003 Rivertonprisen 2005, for Flytande bjørn Samlagsprisen 2006 Nynorsk Literature Prize 2007, for Rom ved havet, rom i byen Melsom-prisen 2008, for Rom ved havet, rom i byen

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