The quest for proof of the paranormal goes deeper than ever – Deep South that is. Deep South Paranormal follows a bayou-based team on a mission. Steeped in the rich history of their homeland, they want to unlock the mysteries that have baffled Southerners for years. They are a homegrown blend of self-proclaimed rednecks who share a passion for this part of the country and the paranormal events that take place there. They take on anything from swamp apparitions to haunted plantation houses and Southern voodoo legends.

Deep South Paranormal - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2013-04-10

Deep South Paranormal - BASE Productions - Netflix

BASE Productions is a production company founded in 1992 by John Brenkus and Mickey Stern. As a producer of reality, documentary, and unscripted infotainment programming, BASE Productions uses a trademark motion-capture and CGI technology. The company has produced programming for a variety of channels, such as A&E, Animal Planet, the Discovery Channel networks, Fox Sports Net, G4, ESPN, HBO, MTV, National Geographic Channel and Spike TV. BASE Productions is located in Los Angeles and Washington DC.

Deep South Paranormal - TV series - Netflix

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