De Pura Cepa (Of Pure Wine) tells the story of the Castaño and Montiel families; two hardworking and successful families who have been friends for many years and who share a passion for wine. But their long-time relationship ends with the tragic death of Emilio Castaño in an automobile accident caused by the negligence of his friend, Juanjo Montiel. This unleashes a war between these two families and wineries, exposing their flaws and secrets. It's a story about real people facing their demons and learning how to defeat them in order to rise again and harvest the best of wines, as authentic and pure as they are.

Type: Scripted

Languages: Spanish

Status: In Development

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: None

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Jorge “George” Newbery, born Jorge Alejandro Newbery (29 May 1875 in Buenos Aires – 1 March 1914 in Mendoza Province), was an Argentine aviator, civil servant, engineer and scientist with ancestry from the United States of America. His father, Ralph Newbery (a dentist born in 1848), emigrated from Long Island to Argentina after the American Civil War (in which he is said to have taken part in the Battle of Gettysburg). Along with Alberto Braniff and Jorge Chávez, Jorge Newbery was one of the first Latin American aircraft pilots. He was also an engineer, and is considered to be the architect and founder of the Argentine Air Force.

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Jorge Newbery has been one of the most frequently mentioned people and one of the people to whom the most tangos have been dedicated. Among these must be mentioned the reference made by Celedonio Flores in the song Corrientes y Esmeralda, which mentions how “el cajetilla” (slang: a young, rich and refined man) hit the “guapos” (men fighting with knives) who “stopped” there at the beginning of the 20th century. Other tangos dedicated to Newbery are “Jorge Newbery”, by Aquiles Barbieri, “Prendete del Aeroplano”, by José Escurra, “De Pura Cepa”, by Roberto Firpo, “Newbery”, by Luciano Ríos, “Un recuerdo a Newbery”, by José Arturo Severino, “Tu Sueño”, by Eduardo Arolas and “El Pampero”, by Luis Sanmartino. A film was also made about his life: Más allá del sol (Beyond the sun, 1975), by Hugo Fregonese, with Germán Kraus in the leading role. The government of Buenos Aires annually awards the Jorge Newbery Prize to the most prominent sportspeople of the year. The tragic death of Newbery helped to fix his position as an idol of Argentina, as later happenend with Carlos Gardel. His burial in La Chacarita Cemetery was on a scale never seen before for a person unrelated to political activity. Airports The Aeroparque Jorge Newbery airport in Buenos Aires is named after him. Schools School of technical aeronautics education number 8 “Jorge Newbery”. Football clubs Club Atlético Jorge Newbery (Laprida, Buenos Aires, Argentina), founded 1 May 1917. Club Atlético Jorge Newbery (Aguilares, Tucumán Province, Argentina), founded 8 April 1917. Club Atlético Jorge Newbery (Venado Tuerto, Santa Fe Province, Argentina), founded 11 July 1917. Club Football Jorge Newbery (Junín, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina), founded 13 January 1913. Club Atlético Jorge Newbery (Rufino, Santa Fe, Argentina), founded 12 October 1917. Club Jorge Newbery Mutual Social y Deportiva, Ucacha, Córdoba Province, Argentina, founded 25 May 1910. Club Jorge Newbery de Versailles [1], Villa Real district, Buenos Aires City, Argentina founded 12 October 1942. Streets Calle Jorge Newbery (Junín, Buenos Aires Province). The municipality renamed the street, previously named “Junín”, on 12 March 1914, 11 days after Newbery’s death. Calle Jorge Newbery (Venado Tuerto, Santa Fe Province). The Club Atlético Jorge Newbery is situated on this street. Calle Jorge Newbery (Viedma (Rio Negro)). This street is the main route of entry to this provincial capital. Calle Jorge Newbery (Rosario, Santa Fe). On this avenue is located the Rosario International Airport. Calle Jorge Newbery (Ucacha). This street is the main access to the premises of the Club Jorge Newbery, and was named on the club’s centenary on 25 May 2010.

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