This program is set in a small coastal town in Southern California and focuses on a group of attractive characters in their twenties – most of them skaters, surfers, and college students -- who live in an apartment complex on the beach called the Hotel Dante. The good-looking young residents are gay, lesbian, bi and straight, at a point in their lives when they are full of hopes and dreams, but also coming up against the harsh realities of daily survival. The group of friends investigates mysterious happenings that took place long ago in their apartment complex.

Dante's Cove - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2005-10-07

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This is a list of episodes for the here! original series Dante's Cove.

Dante's Cove - 1. "Some Kind of Magic" (September 1, 2006) - Netflix

Toby washes ashore, having survived Ambrosius's murder attempt, but with a loss of memory. Grace escapes her prison and reclaims her youth. Ambrosius digs up his own grave and recovers a cache of gold coins that his mother buried there. Following Adam's advice, he updates his look and wardrobe and starts calling himself β€œBro.” Van casts a spell to reveal the truth about what happened to Toby, drawing Grace's attention and girlfriend Michelle's disapproval. Van promises not to use magic again but, when Grace attacks, the Book of Tresum rises up and defends her and Michelle sees the aftermath. Toby, having recovered his memory, follows Cory to Bro's new place and calls Van. Bro begins to strangle Cory and, when Toby tries to intervene, again tries to murder him. Van arrives and instinctively defeats Bro, casting him and Cory far out to sea. Adam later finds Cory's body washed up on shore. Michelle delivers Van an ultimatum to leave the island with her. Instead, Van casts a spell to make Michelle forget the magic. The spell backfires, wiping out Michelle's memory of Van completely.

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